On Doggie Hygiene

The Age of Covid is passing away (thank God!). I have been sharing sayings from the ancient Book of Proverbs that can help us deal with the challenges we have been facing. Today we look beyond those challenges to what lies ahead. The proverb I want us to think about is widely known:

Like a dog that returns to its vomit
Is a fool that reverts to his folly

I suspect many of us are familiar with doggie hygiene (or more accurately the absence of such). For many dogs nothing is as interesting as poop and vomit. It is absolutely irresistible. This proverb (orange coded in my color scheme) says that the fool is like a dog because he tends to cling to the detritus of false beliefs and self-defeating behaviors.

To understand the fool we have to compare him to the wise. The proverb I have in mind here is coded blue (the color of the wise):

An intelligent mind acquires knowledge
And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge

We have all been through a lot lately. The question is have we learned anything? Or will the return to normal mean a return to old habits. For the fool that’s exactly what will happen. But the wise turn experience into learning. For them a return to normal is not an invitation to reclaim the past but an opportunity to apply lessons learned to the unlimited potential of a new tomorrow.   

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